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For users: is a free informational portal where users can search, filter, review, and rate scientific simulation software packages for specific applications like Molecular modeling and Drug designDevice simulationData analysis and 3D visualization.

The multitude of scientific simulation software packages (free and commercial) available on the world wide web can be overwhelming. SimuRank aims to centralize all simulation tools available  on one portal and offer users the possibility to choose the right modeling and simulation software for their needs. is SiteLock secured, easy to access, does not require registration and it is completely FREE. also offers the possibility for users to browse the most recent studies/articles where their preferred simulation software package was used/applied. Just lookup your software and check the list of publications. aims to be the premier source of information on scientific simulation software and their application for worldwide users, students, academic researchers, and industry professionals.

By publishing short original articles and peer-reviewed research summaries provides a glance into the most recent achievements in the field of scientific simulation, molecular modeling, and data analysis.

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