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Novel antibiotics design using your own laptop?

New class of antibiotics design using your own laptop or home desktop? Is this really possible?

At some point you all heard about or remember SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), a project born part of a goal to detect extraterrestrial life in our vast Universe. Radio SETI uses radio telescopes to capture narrow-bandwidth radio signals from space as proof of possible existence of extraterrestrial technology. This way enormous data is being gathered and all the data analysis must be performed by high-performance computers. Actually, driven by the idea to make the computation possible on large number of computers the SETI@home project was lunched, which used the idle computing power available on thousands of computers connected to The Internet for the data analysis.antibiotics design
How about tailoring the same idea of using the huge number of Internet-connected computers to optimize large molecular structures, simulate new bioactive molecules or nanomaterials, and why not, design of novel class of antibiotics, the hot topic in Today’s pharma. The team behind QMC@home just did that. Anyone can contribute to their project, entitled quantum medicinal chemistry at home. They just need to offer computational space on their laptops, desktops to the advancement in the field of molecular modeling and simulation. Truly amazing.

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