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  • What is a scientific simulation software ?

    An artificially created computer program based on mathematical formulas capable to model science and engineering related phenomenons.

  • What is a 3D visualization software ?

    A computer program used to represent the results of scientific computation in three dimensions on a computer screen, tablet, or mobile phone.  A 3D image is worth a thousand words 🙂

  • What is a data analysis or data management ?

    The large amount of data generated through the computation needs to be stored, cleaned, reformatted and retrieved again to be presented in various ways (tables, graphs, info-graphics, reports, etc). This can be performed either using specific scripts (short programs built to find or solve one particular issue) or larger program packages which can perform a variety of data analysis tasks.

  • What is SimuRank ?

    The multitude of scientific simulation software packages (open-source and commercial) available on the world wide web can be overwhelming. SimuRank aims to centralize all simulation tools available on one portal and offer users the possibility to choose the right modeling and simulation software for their needs. Our goal is for to be the premier source of information on scientific simulation software and their application for all visitors, from students to academic researchers and industry professionals.

  • Who is Simurank’s target audience ?

    Any visitor interested in scientific simulation related software and resources, computational researchers and industrial professionals wishing to find the right simulations tools, and simulation software developers/vendors who would like to popularize their product.

  • Can I contribute ?

    As a user, you can contribute either by suggesting your favorite software, (which may have been not listed yet in our directory) or share recent developments in field of scientific simulation by uploading short articles or highlights of your research. Do not forget your bio (name, social profile, website). Ad it to the end of the article and at the time you submit. A perfect way to publicize your work, research, or just yourself to a highly specialized audience.

  • Can I contribute as product developer/vendor?

    As a product developer/vendor, you can contribute by suggesting your software and get listed for FREE. If you would like to change the current logo email us.

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